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There are lots of ways you can help raise funds for 2Bears. You could challenge yourself and get sponsorship or ask for donations instead of gifts or even organise an event or party. We’ve put together some ideas below. Have fun…
  • Walk, cycle or swim - Push your body to the limit, get fit and impress your friends while raising money for 2Bears
  • Birthday - Save your friends and family traipsing round the shops by asking for donations instead
  • Food Forfeit - Think you can do without chocolate for a week or two? Give up cheese for a month? Get sponsored to abstain and turn your loss into 2Bears gain.
  • Dinner Party - Bored with making beans on toast for 1. Put on your apron and throw a dinner party. Then just ask guests to donate what they think the meal's worth
  • Feed the Piggy - Keep a piggy bank by your front door and invite people to donate as they leave
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