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Our trip to India was a marvellous experience for all involved. Here are a couple of testimonials kindly supplied by Rachael & Chris to give you an idea of what our companions can get from the visit:
“I work with young pre-school children and I was looking forward to spending some time in the schools and wasn’t disappointed. We met some amazing people and always received the friendliest of welcomes. I came away with so many special memories of the trip –the art activity where the children helped create a collage of the tree, the amazing bike rides between the two centres in Thiruvanamali where villagers would wave and want to talk and the feeling of satisfaction from making the special chairs for the disabled children. I will definitely be returning next year”
Rachael Eydemann, Ilkley West Yorkshire
“Where to start?! It was a wonderful experience in so many ways and on so many different levels. I’ll always remember the look of pleasure and curiosity on the faces of the children at Prema Vasam as they tried to control their excitement when we handed out the donated toys - pleasure from the musical telephone, curiosity from the rubber dinosaur! And the project we were asked to undertake at the PCTC was definitely a highlight of the trip - it involved constructing specially designed seats for some disabled children who found it difficult or impossible to sit up straight. Parents had bought their children along to be ‘fitted’ to the chairs we were making with some of the relatives helping us with our carpentry. We all felt a great sense of achievement when the first seat was completed as well as a feeling that in some small way we had directly contributed to making that child’s life more comfortable.”
Chris Davies, Fulham, London
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